Chris Shebib Interviewed by Rob and SandyRob and Sandy from recently interviewed me on their real estate investment podcast regarding joint venture investing, and positioning your assets for wealth.

You can hear the interview here >> BreakThroughREIPodcast.

We had a great conversation, specifically touching upon some relevant topics such as the paradoxical nature of being a real estate investor, and recognizing that change is an absolute certainty, and that embracing it is your best and only option for success.

Here’s a break down of some of the topics we covered.

  • How to manage joint venture partnerships
  • Advantages of being both the money partner and the real estate expert in typical joint venture partnerships
  • How to overcome objections when “pitching” ideas to potential joint venture partners
  • The most important personal characteristics needed to be a great real estate investor
  • Lessons learned from enduring 2 economic down cycles
  • And much, much more!

Thanks again Rob and Sandy!