I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently by Gary Hibbert from Smart Home Choice.  Smart Home Choice and their podcast are on a mission to help real estate investors learn more about how to invest safely to build long term wealth.

Throughout the interview, I share my experiences and lessons learned.  My hope is that there is something that can help investors, new or experienced in some way.

Please contact us here if you have any questions about investing, how to get started and how to protect your investments.

What you will learn in this podcast:

– How Real Estate can buy financial freedom and freedom of time
– The market is always changing and how to be prepared for it
– What to expect when the market corrects and what to do
– Why speculating the market can get you into a bad situation
– Should you invest in the outskirts of Toronto and where?
– What are the 4 metrics you need to know when investing?
– Is diversification a good strategy to implement when investing?
– Can you make double digit ROI or is that too good to be true?
– What motivational principals are critical for investors to succeed?