At Five Properties Inc. we know the real estate market and are working to find the right investment properties every day.

The ability to identify a wise real estate investment is certainly a learned skill. I have been thoroughly trained and possess this skill – along with the intuition and experience to spot these great investment opportunities in today’s market.

Not every opportunity is a “good deal”. If the numbers don’t make sense to us it certainly won’t make sense to our investors.

  • Safe Investment secured by real estate
  • High returns on your money
  • Predictable income stream — rates fluctuate very little

  • No management costs
  • No daily headache with managing contractors

Winner of the national 2016 Joint Venture Of The Year Award.  Read More >>

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We have many opportunities for investors to build their portfolio; Rent-to-Own, Residential Rentals, Buy & Hold, Renos & Flips.
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Why invest with Five Properties Inc.?

Interested in Building a Real Estate Portfolio?

Investing in real estate with Five Properties Inc. will provide you with secure investments with great returns.


You can build your wealth 4/5 times faster than with other investments. WE CAN SHOW YOU HOW!

You Can Earn Better Returns with Security

Security you will not get with other investments and you can get started with no money out-of-pocket

You have a deed of trust

A real estate mortgage or deed of trust provides you with security you would not get with other investments.

Earn 4x more

You can get started just by leveraging your existing equity which means you can become an investor and build your portfolio without having to pay any money out-of-pocket!

Your money works for YOU!

Make your money work for you, with high security, and low effort you can earn up to 5x more.