In the Media

March 2017 – Speaker at the annual Investor Forum

A national event held every year, drawing investors from across the country.  We’ll be discussing joint ventures, how they’re structured, and how to best position all parties involved.

March / April 2017 – Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

An article in this edition on using Facebook marketing to attract A-Plus tenants.

January / February 2017 – Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

Featured in the “Ask The Experts” section of the magazine regarding what the 2017 year is going to bring.

January 2017 – Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine Website

The importance of the awards and how they help to raise awareness to the industry and the individuals.  Read more here >>

November 2016 – Breakthrough REI Podcast Interview

Interview with Rob and Sandy regarding joint venturing, and building wealth through real estate.  Learn more here >>

October 2016 – Smart Home Choice Podcast Interview

Interviewed by Gary from Smart Home Choice regarding the path to profitability in real estate investing.  Learn more here >>

June 2016 – Real Estate Investment Group Presentation

Presentation on the fundamentals of real estate wealth building to a group of dedicated investors at the HST Rebates investment group.

May / June 2016 – Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

Featured as the award winner for the national 2016 Joint Venture of the Year.

March 2016 – Winner of the national Joint Venture of the Year Award

It was an honor to win this award, given to “The individual that has developed new and dynamic ways of attracting the most profitable joint venture partnerships with other investors in Canada.”  Read more here >>

January 2016 – Durham REI Interview

Interviewed by Quentin from Durham REI regarding how to create a legal suite using a front / back or vertical split technique.  Learn more here >>