Chris Chris Shebib – Owner, Managing Director of Five Properties Inc.

Chris Shebib has been investing in real estate for over 20 years, in both Canada and the US:

My “why”, is my family, (my wife and three beautiful daughters!).  Providing a financial future, and being able to spend more time together is what motivates me.

Chris-6-expertiseI consider myself lucky to have built a broad base of experience over the years, all of which lends itself to real estate investing.

That breadth of experience comes from working for the last 20+ years starting as a licensed carpenter and subsequently in technology as a software engineer and eventually product management executive.   These careers were held in both California and Ontario.

While holding those careers, I was investing in real estate.  I’ve invested in both Canada and the US (in the US while living there).  I’ve also been the money partner for investments in Canada while living in the US.



In 2016 I was honoured to win the Joint Venture of the Year award.  It’s a national award, given to:

“the individual that has developed new and dynamic ways of attracting the most profitable joint venture partnerships with other investors in Canada”.   To read more, please see the blog post ».

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