I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Quentin D’Souza recently related to a legal duplex that we created.  It’s part of our fix and hold investing strategy, designed to protect our asset as quickly as possible and set it up for a long term profitability.

This video is part of Quentin’s “Real Deal Renos” series, for people that are interested in investing, and want to learn more about how investors are taking action and getting it done.  What strategies, challenges etc.

With this property, there were some challenges along the way, as there always are (more details are in the video).  In the end, it worked out exactly like we envisioned it would from the start.

With some creativity we were able to do a front / back or vertical split.  This allows the unique advantage of both units having main floor access (as opposed to a top / bottom where the second unit is in the basement) and lots of natural light.

Check out the video to learn how we work to protect ourselves and our investors in each initiative:

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of investing in real estate, specifically with the strategies that we employ to protect our investors, feel free to contact us here.